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    Export media offline - text file

    Joe_S_Lee Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      This is a random one... I'm devising an archive workflow system, So I was wondering is there a way to export what is offline as a text file or something similar.


      Backstory- I know this is a weird feature request as I've been using PP (Premiere Pro) since it was just P (Premiere). However, I work for a corporate/govementatal company, its not the "traditional media system" of doing a project and it then being archived, because everything has a second life because everything is interconnected what we do.


      Example - Say if i worked for a building company making content about that they do. A lot of the content could be reused as a close up of a Digger, a guy welding, pouring concrete etc... could be anywhere. But some of the more unique things like interviews about them welding underwater, could go to archive and not seen again until they want to update the project.


      I am trying to think of a way to save the media off the Primary storage but simply get it back and get a list of media that is offline was the obvious choice for older content.