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    Duplicate folder created after round-trip edit in Photoshop

    AndrewMcD Level 1




      1. existing set of photos in a lightroom catalog. Choose one, and select edit in photoshop.

      2. edit in photoshop and save as new file OR save as existing file. Doesn't matter.

      3. return to lightroom, file is imported in a duplicate folder name, at the top of the folder hierarchy. The folder contains only the edited file.

      4. the only way to fix it:

           - delete both folders (original and duplicate) from the lightroom catalog

           - move folder on disk to a new location, I usually create a folder named "test" and put the folder in there

           - import folder in new location to the catalog

           - delete the folder from the catalog

           - move folder back to original location

           - re-import, problem solved.


      Once this starts happening to a catalog, it happens every single time I edit in photoshop. Since I do a lot of work in photoshop, this isn't helpful. The only way to permanently fix is to create an entirely new catalog and delete the old one.


      Yes, I've checked folder capitalisation.


      Yes, I've tried the check parent folder, I get the null error.


      This bug has been around for years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years and years. What am I paying a subscription for? Maintenance upgrades for the latest OS?