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    Adobe Stock BS

    russ@idea house

      Please tell me why you guys make it so difficult to communicate or get real answers? I have tried numerous times to download a RF stock image but it constantly pushes me towards a "plan". I don't want a "plan". So I go to my profile and check my info and all is fine but I still can't download an image and still get pushed towards some BS plan. You clearly have a "pay as you go" option but it never updates. Then after a lengthy search I find an area to communicate and it is just a waste of time "response fields" to fill out with no results.


      Quit making stuff so difficult. Don't end up like Quark Xpress, they were so arrogant involving customer service and thought they couldn't be replaced. Don't join the ranks of Blockbuster, VHS, CDs and other dinosaurs.


      Stop hiding behind BS menus and questionnaire fields and provide good customer service. I have a business to run and can't afford the downtime trying to incessantly fill out your forms and whatnot. NOT USER FRIENDLY!

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Russell,


          I apologize for the troubles that you've faced on the Stock website.


          However, we have discontinued the single image purchase options altogether. While we have moved away from single purchases of Standard assets, our customers are still able to purchase a collection of assets including video, 3D, templates and Premium images on an on-demand basis. The most flexible option is to buy a pack of 5 credits, which can be used to license 5 standard images any time over the next 12 months (or 6 months, if you’re in Japan).


          Additionally, you can check our credit packs offering to know more here: Stock FAQ: What are Credit packs?


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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