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    Re-targeting imported sequence


      Working on a project where two editors are working in two different project files but linking to the same source media on shared storage. Will need to combine the projects routinely through the course of the job.


      Needed to import a sequence from second editor's project into main editor's project. I did this through the media browser.


      Got the infamous "recovered clips" bin. The contents of this bin were identical to a pre-existing bin in the target project.


      I took the imported sequence's media offline (right clicked on seq, selected "Make Offline") and was able to delete the recovered clips bin without affecting my imported sequence.


      I relinked the sequence to the exact same media on the exact same shared storage but when I right clicked on the reconnected clip to double check my re-link the "Reveal in Project" option was greyed out. Only after undoing the delete on the "Recovered Clips" bin was the option made available again.


      To me this seems like the clips in sequence are referencing a bin in my project over the source media.  Is there a way to get around this? I need to be able to import and trade sequences between projects without the clutter.