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    Require assistance with Capture of Video using GV-D1000


      I have some old MiniDV footage that I wanted to upload to my computer. I bought a Sony GV-D1000 NTSC digital video cassette recorder. It has a i1394a port (i-Link). I established a connection using this port to my computer (i7 hexacore system with 3TB data drive and 64GB RAM). After connecting the player to the system and starting Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, I opened the capture tab and set up the device settings to GV-D1000 and format to DV. This activated the record button on task bar under the window. When I clicked play, it initiated the play function on GV-D1000. The play counter on capture window was active reciprocating the progress of tape on GV-D1000. The video was displayed on GV-D1000, but not displayed on the monitor in Adobe Premiere Pro. When I clicked the record button, the video is played on GV-D1000, the playback counter is active on the capture window, but the capture (record) counter is inactive. When I click stop, there is a message that no frames were captured.

      Could someone please help me solve this issue. These tapes contain memories of my late father that I wish to transfer on to my computer so that I can share it with my family members?

      I gratefully appreciate your time and assistance to help me solve this issue.

      Best wishes