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    Missing Topics

      I have 9 topics in a sub-folder. After I generate the project, all of the topics appear in the output folders. 3 of the 9 topics cannot be found when I search through the RoboHelp interface and they appear as Page Not Found for my context sensistive help. Any suggestions?

      Other clues:
      None of the 9 topics are accessible through the TOC - this is intentional by design.
      I'm using RoboHelp 5.0.2.
      WebHelp Pro output
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Is there anything different about the 3 topics that can't be found (e.g. file names, URLs).
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            LolaLittle Level 1
            Hi - thank you for your reply.
            I have not noticed any difference between the files.
            I did try one experiment - I created a new topic and then copied and pasted all of the HTML code into the new topic. Not sure why, but this fixed the problem with that single file. I'd rather not have to do this for every missing topic....(I suspect there are probably many more than just the 3 I found so far).