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    Lightroom Classic CC freezes upon removal of XQD Card from card reader

    Geoff94518 Level 1

      Hi - I'm having a strange problem with Lightroom Classic CC v7.3.1 (Camera Raw 10.3) using a process that I've followed for several years now with no issues in prior versions of Lightroom.  The fact pattern is as follows:


      I launch lightroom, wait for it to fully open, and begin importing photos from my Nikon D500 (Sony XQD card) via Lexar card reader. 

      I have my version of Lightroom set up to apply a develop preset, add a copytright to metadata and render 1:1 previews post import.

      Once the photos have been imported from the card, I pull the card from the card reader

      One I pull the card from the reader, lightroom freezes and does not recover until I manually open task manager, end the process and relaunch lightroom



      I've attempted to do this with the Video card GPU enabled, and disabled with no difference in outcome

      I've attempted to do this rendering standard previews, embedded previews and no previews with no difference in outcome

      I've attempted to let all the previews be fully rendered before pulling the card from the reader with no difference in outcome

      This only occurs with my D500/XQD card.  When I follow the same process using one of my other cameras (D810, D700, D300 using CF card) the problem does not occur


      Other pertinent facts:

      Card is formatted in camera after each download

      System is Win 10, Intel Core I-7 3400

      16GB DDR4 RAM

      All drivers are current


      Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

      If so, is Adobe aware of the problem?

      Is there a fix or workaround (my preference would be a fix as this is a recent issue that began after the release of v7.3.1)


      Thank you in advance