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    "Cannot convert" error using evalFile

    cameronmcefee Level 1



      I've run into a difficult to diagnose bug with an ambiguous error, that I'm hoping someone here might understand.

      var result = $.evalFile(Folder('C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Adobe/CEP/extensions/me.guideguide.adobeextension/host.js').fsName)


      This line throws an error that is simply "Cannot convert". I assume that since it throws an error rather than returns one, that the problem is with evaluating the file and not with the code within the file.




      - Only appears to happen in Asia, most commonly in China, judging by the localized errors.

      - Only appears on Windows

      - Does not appear in US/EU versions

      - The forward slashes and spaces are produced by CSInterface.getSystemPath. I've ruled them out as the cause because there is no issue in US/EU versions.


      My best guess is that it's either an encoding or a line-ending issue, but I can't find any documentation that talks about either topic related to $.evalFile


      If anyone knows more specifically what "cannot convert" means, I and a number of users in Asia would love to know.