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    Opacity Flickering on Titles and Open Captions

    juliab9763053 Level 1



      I've got an issue with flickering opacity in an edit. I've got a bunch of video shots, some retimed, nested, audio, Titles and Open Captions. It seems that over certain frames, (once over a video clip change and somewhere else randomly) the opacity settings will flicker, and things that are set to 75% or 50% will suddenly appear darker. A few frames later it will flicker back to the correct opacity.


      This happens at the same time each time, and only appears on export (although at one point it happened in the program window too, managed to troubleshoot that away). Also, it occurs to all things that have opacity adjusted including title BG and open captions BG.


      I have tried nesting, clearing retiming key frames and opacity keyframes, have toggled anti flicker options and tried exporting from Premiere and Adobe encoder.


      My export settings are h.264, fps 29.97 VBR, 1 pass, with burn in Captions.


      If anyone has any ideas on this, I would be most grateful! :/