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    Image credits not restored-CRM 01600000001475?

    Itara Uma Sumeros

      This situation has been going on for more than 6 months: CRM 01600000001475. I am a long-term customer of Adobe products and I am really surprised how this issue has been handled. It seems like no one is interested in resolving this issue, therefore I am posting it here.


      I downgraded my Stock Account and my image credits were removed. This information was not made available when I downgraded my account or I would have used the credits before doing so.


      First of all, the policies regarding image credits should be made clear on the subscription plan and in a person's account. Second, if image credits expire, the expiration date should be made clear in a person's account as well. These images are not cheap and it is not fair to not have accurate information about the products that I am paying a monthly fee to use.


      I contacted support by phone, explained the situation and was first told that the payment for these images would be charged back to my card, but I had to submit the card again for verification. The instructions and link to submit the card was never sent.


      I contacted by support and was told to renew my Stock account and the images would be restored. I confirmed that I had renewed my Stock account and still the image credits were not restored nor did I receive an email about the situation. The same holds true for the second email sent about this issue.


      I expect Adobe to restore the images according to the terms stated in their email of March 20, 2018.


      Thank you,

      Itarauma Sumeros