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    Multiple adobe_licutil, each using 92-100% CPU

    peterynh Level 1

      I know this has been brought up before but I have been unable to use any previous discussion that I've found to come up with an effective solution so I'm trying again.

      I fairly frequently have four CC applications running: InDesign, Muse, Acrobat and Photoshop. All are current versions.

      I'm running on an iMac (2017, 27", 5K, retina display) running MacOS 10.13.4.

      Generally I have one adobe_licutil for each app for a total of 4. At 92-100% CPU (most commonly around 98%), that accounts for 392% of CPU. Regardless of the mathematical meaningfulness of such a number, it means my fans are running constantly which is not healthy.

      I've searched here and elsewhere and tried some of the suggestions. It's hard to remember exactly what because I've been dealing with it for a while and haven't kept good notes. But nothing has worked at all. I haven't tried anything involving massive deletion of files yet; it's hard to get motivated to do that unless I have reason to think it will work!

      Force quitting adobe_licutils slows them down of course; but they don't stay away; I don't think deleting them accomplishes much more. Switching to the Guest User account seemed to solve the problem which suggests that there must be some way to deal with it. any help in finding it will be most appreciated!

      Thanks in advance for any help,