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    Need advice on finding/using the Adobe Documentation (e.g., Timeline)

    peternelson Level 1

      I'm a CC Premiere Pro newbie and I'm trying to get up to speed quickly.   I don't want to just learn "recipes" ("step1...step 2...step 3...") like they have on YouTube videos; I want to learn basic principles and correct terminology.    Right now I'm trying to understand how to navigate the Adobe documentation.   I specifically want to learn about the timeline.   I want to learn what each icon in the video and audio track headers does and what it's called so I can communicate with other users without saying, "that blue do-hicky in the upper left corner".


      I thought this would be in the user guide so I went to Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide.  

      The text "timeline" doesn't appear on that page and the "Topics" list seems weird and incomplete -  for example they have an "editing audio" topic but no "editing video" topic.   I clicked on some of the topics anyway but didn't see a Timeline entry.


      There is also a "Search Adobe Support" text-entry field but it goes outside Premiere Pro -  when I typed "timeline" into it, it had zillions of links for the timeline in Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects, and in earlier versions of Premiere Pro (e.g., CS6) and "how to" tutorials, and troubleshooting help, etc, but I didn't find a basic introduction to the Timeline in Premier Pro CC.


      N.B. - I'm not asking someone here to give me a link to the Timeline documentation -  I'm looking for advice and strategies to find this kind of stuff on my own in Adobe's documentation.    Thanks in advance.