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    I can't switch to Lightroom Classic CC?


      To be as direct as possible, I do a lot of nature photography. I want to fix the flash eye in the animals. Is it true that Adobe CC doesn't have a red eye tool? And then Photoshop Classic CC is not available for Windows. Why Why Why? Is Lightroom available for Windows Eight? I have Lightroom 5 but again they are evidently not updating it to include the 'Pet eye' tool which is what I desperately need. Animal flash eye is often green or yellow and not red. I cannot spend days downloading free trials and checking out multiple programs just because it isn't obviously stated what's included and not included in each plan. I just was left on hold by "STEVE" from purchasing who hung up on me twice and sent me to a dead number once and then put me on music for product tech help for one hour! One whole hour! He kept asking me about video,I told him multiple times, not Video, Still frame photo... a camera, a DSLR. He then quoted a video file, I say umm no I don't shoot video,I use a camera the files are RAW, JPG, DNG, or PEF.   Adobe needs to make this easier for people who are trying to figure out what plan has what. I cant buy a whole new computer for one red eye tool. change my operating system, and delete accounts, and download multiple plans, If there is a work around for the red eye I'm willing to learn it but I know it will fussy and time consuming.