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    Editable ComboBox Initialization

    TucsonJava Level 1
      I have a editable comboBox in a layout that gets initialized by setting the text property of the comboBox with the appropriate value from the underlying record. This is because the comboBox is editable and can take different values that what might be in the dataProvider. Here is the code:

      cb_freight.text = order.freight;

      In Flex 2, this would work properly and the value would be displayed in the comboBox in the layout. However, in Flex 3 the result is that the value in the ComboBox is 1st value of the list from the dataProvider. Is this a known difference? How to do initialization now with Flex 3 in this situation?

      On a side note, I do not see how to use "Attach Code" when posting a message. Where can this function be found?