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    Movie clips acting as buttons can't load other movie clips

      Frame 1 has three movie clips on it, instance names are A, B, C. I have the following actionscript on frame 1 as well:

      import flash.filters.GlowFilter;

      ar = [A, B, C];

      for(var z=0; z<ar.length; z++) {
      ar[z].onRollOver = rollover;
      ar[z].onRollOut = rollout;

      function rollover() {
      this.filters = [new GlowFilter(0x333333, .20, 7, 7)];

      function rollout() {
      this.filters = null;

      This code creates a glow, obviously, on whatever movie clip I rollover. What I want to do as well is this:

      I want to click on mc "A" and have it launch a different movie clip (let's say "X") on top of everything else (so that A, B and C are still visible in the background). "X" is in a sub-folder of "A" if that makes any sense or is relevant. Same kind of action for mc's B and C. B should launch mc "Y" and C should launch mc "Z".

      What is the actionscript for this? Any questions please let me know. Please respond, I need this info as soon as possible. Much appreciated!!