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    Delivering 29.97 interlaced, but shot 23.98 progressive. How to avoid strobing??


      Hello all,


      So I'm currently working on a project that is delivering in 29.97 fps/interlaced. However, we shot all of our footage in 23.98 progressive. In addition to that frame discrepancy, we have a ton of archival footage from a wide variety of sources/frame rates, etc.


      My overall question is, how do we avoid strobing and frame blending? We just received our master files from our online house, and they're riddled with these issues. I'm assuming that the strobing is coming from progressive footage being converted to interlaced? Also, the frame blending is probably coming from the mixed frame rates, in an interlaced field? Am I correct on these?


      Adobe forum - need help so let me know if you have any solutions to avoid this!