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    Richter Studios looking for Director / Flash Developers

      Richter Studios is an award-winning multimedia firm based in Chicago.  We specialize in high-definition videos, presentations, web experiences and print materials for a wide variety of clients.  We are a broad-based creative firm that includes Animators, Cinematographers, Designers, Editors, Photographers, Programmers, Producers and Writers.  To date, our in-house production crews have shot in 24 states and 7 countries.  We also develop and market our own PowerPoint killer called Presented By and sell our own stock video/imagery as well.  

      We are presently seeking seasoned Flash and Director/Shockwave developers (both full-time and freelance) to assist with a variety of projects. Flash candidates must have extensive knowledge of Action Script 2/3, object oriented programming, work with content management systems and the ability to create and extend classes. Knowledge of Flash Media Server technologies and server side scripting is a plus. Good animation skills are always welcome. Director candidates must have extensive knowledge of Lingo, offline/online database connectivity, Flash integration, object oriented programming and Xtra functionality. Multi-User experience and Xtra development would be a plus.

      No two days are typically the same at our studio. On any given day we can be working on interactive CD product demo’s, custom presentations, application development, animations, games, trade show experiences, recruitment tools, etc. We also create a lot of web experiences, either in Flash / HTML or various web 2.0 technologies. Most of our web experiences involve interactive video content, so a genuine interest in working with Web 2.0 experiences is required.

      Our experience has made it clear to us that the right candidate would possess strong programming knowledge, is a genuine self-starter and committed team player (translation: overtime does occur from time to time). Excellent organizational skills are a major plus and, above all else, a fast work ethic is paramount. Finally, from a code standpoint we strongly believe that less is more. Ideally a candidate that can solve a complex issue with a few lines rather than an over complicated 5 page script is who we are looking for.

      Specific Skills
      - 2 to 4 years experience creating Flash or Director/Shockwave content
      Firm grasp of object oriented programming
      Innate ability to solve complex tasks with simple re-useable code.
      Innate desire to comment and document all code.
      Must be very detail oriented
      Working knowledge of Illustrator and PhotoShop.
      Excellent grasp of web technologies
      Proven fast work ethic

      ***We accept applications via our web site at: http://www.richterbrothers.com/submit_resume.php

      ***Please provide a resume detailing your previous development accomplishments.