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    General workflow question

    dazzathedrummer Level 1



      I have a general question regarding workflow.

      Im mainly a musicia/producer and habe an advanced knowledge of DAW software. I’ve done a few music videos in iMovie and I’ve recently got Adobe Premiere to help me with my current project.


      I have around 4 hours of home video cam footage that documents a band recordling three songs in a studio 25 years ago (its on dvd and is of reasonable quality).

      The footage needs to be edited into three or for mini documentaries about each song.


      Whats the the best approach? ...I’m thinking that I should drag the whole thing into a new project, mark up regions that go together and then copy the regions that go together into new projecta, one for each video.


      ...this is how I would manage a live gig of audio that needed to be chopped into individual tracks.


      Any my advice would be great!