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    Flash presentation for widescreenTV

      I'm creating a self running presentation in Flash that needs to be played on a widescreen/HD tv. Couple of questions: What size (x pixels by y pixels) should I make the file for a HD (wide screen TV)? Can I export the file as a Quicktime movie and burn onto a DVD to play on a DVD player? IS there a way to make the presentation constantly loop on a DVD player? Are there any specific settings I should export the movie for quality? I'd appreciate any help with this.
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          Just check the specs of the TV. It will tell you the size. You can even type the model in online and find out. The aspect ratio for most is 16:9. For a 47" 1080p LCD HDTV it is 1920 x 1080. But... just check for your specific model online and it will tell you the resolution.

          As for burning it to dvd, shouldnt be a problem, and for looping, just dont put a stop action at the end of your animation and set it to loop in the export settings.

          Hope that helps.