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    CC keeps opening, Develop Module is Disabled, but Membership is paid- Help!


      Two issues really-


      First, when opening Lightroom Classic CC, the program keeps freaking out, saying some functions are disabled, and reopening another LRCC over and over and over.  I found that force quitting the Adobe Creative Cloud finally stops this.  Real solutions to that would be appreciated! It feels like a virus almost, but have a Macbook, so I didn't think that was possible.


      Once I get that to stop, the develop module in CC says "Develop module disabled, purchase membership or license, etc......." but I have a membership that is paid and in good standing, up to date, etc.  I can't figure it out and see no other questions like this.


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and that solved neither issue.


      I can't afford not to have this working.  Why does ADOBE not have real, in person support?


      Please help!