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    different import behaviour



      Didn't find a solution to this since it should do the exact same thing. Lightroom 6, updated, Win 10, no problems with nothing until now. (sry for some bad englisch)


      My usual workflow on import window for years:

      • left, select source (a folder on the desktop with 10 new pics), LR shows me correctly 10 new pics, checked for import.
      • top: copy or move (makes no difference here)
      • right: select target (an existing folder with 20 pics, like  \pics\cats )
      • hit import
      • LR jumps to the main window and highlights "last imports". Correctly showing 10 pics imported.


      Simpe as that, i used to find 30 pics in the  \pics\cats  folder, thumbnails there.


      It does not do so now. Checking  \pics\cats  in windows explorer shows correctly 30 files...


      But: In LR main windows folder panel  \pics\cats  still shows only 20 pics. "show in explorer" jumps to the correct folder with 30 pics.

      So: The new 10 pics are not shown in library when selecting  \pics\cats , but LR knows of them as imported.

      And: I figured out this works flawlessly when right-clicking on  \pics\cats  in LR main windows left folder pane, selecting "import to this folder".

      The destination on the right side of the import-window is pre-selected (as i did before manually), no other options. I select the same desktop folder on the left side with 10 new pics as before.


      After importing with the same settings, the LR main windows folder panel shows correctly 30 pics.

      Thx for any hint to this.


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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          Thank you for the details... can you post a screen shot of your library view with both right and left panels before and during import?

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            dj_paige Level 10

            Sounds to me like you have previously imported the other 10 photos accidentally using the COPY command. So you won't see them in the folder you mentioned because LR followed your accidental instructions and made a copy somewhere else, and so now you have to find them in some other folder where LR thinks they are.


            Click on All Photographs, turn off filters, eexpand all stacks, and then search for the photos by file name.

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              reindling Level 1

              Thx for the suggestions, no filters, no stacks, no accidentally imports as i tried with new pics.


              Sorry, it turns out i missed something. Testing this, my left folder pane was expanded. Desired folder in focus in its structure.

              It seems, at second try i closed the structure, then i saw:


              At the very bottom, after my folder structure, LR placed an duplicate entry of my Harddrive.

              With that folder as single entry, and...with the pics in it.
              While the folder in its structure will not show the pics.


              Didn't recognize that duplicate drive entry, as it wasn't visible, and ... i won't get the idea of looking for a duplicate entry...

              As shown in the screenshots...

              Whats that?




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                cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                I'm not sure why it happened, however, I would recommend that you select all (3) images and drag them into the folder at the top. You will see that the second entry under the first will go to Zero. Right click and remove that folder and the second entry will be removed as well.

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                  reindling Level 1

                  Thx, i managed to think of what your suggested. But i don't want to do this every time.

                  Just imported some testpics and LR always places a duplicate entry of the drive with that only folder in the left panel.


                  Thats kind of "stupid" having a folder in its correct structure with 0 pics and a 2nd entry of that folder without its structure, pics there.


                  Just found out that this is a quite "common" topic, didn't have to read through the net what other suggest.

                  If someone here has a quick solution, thx so much.

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                    WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                    The "Duplicate Drive" syndrome will not be fixed by simply moving the photos to another folder in the Folder panel. In fact the OS will already have the photos in one folder and an error results, it is a Lightroom bug that shows them as two drives.


                    See this link for the method to correct-

                    Folders panel displays same hard drive twice


                    Jim Wilde seems to always have the answer to these 'duplicate' problems- read his advice also:

                    Lightroom: Creates duplicate folder after Photoshop edit or Import from disk | Photoshop Family Customer Community

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                      cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                      Lightroom isn't making a mistake... please upload a screen shot of the import window with the left and right panels fully visible with a couple of test images.

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                        reindling Level 1

                        see my screenshot in 3.

                        Pics are imported to correct folder in its structure, but won't show.

                        They - and only that 3 - show in the duplicate entry.


                        Will check that "duplicate drive" syndrome as mentioned.

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                          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                          Oops - can't see the screen shot. You will have to post it here in your reply by tapping on the add image icon.

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                            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                            Please post a screen shot of the Import Screen with both the left and right panels... this is the Library grid view... The Import screen will show the Source and the destination which will help to explain the settings that are making the duplicate entries occur.

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                              reindling Level 1

                              yup, sorry...


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                                cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                                Set up your import as shown:


                                The settings in your screen shot explain what is happening: Your images are already in a folder on your (C): drive. When you Copy upon import they are going into a folder on your data (D): drive.


                                Change from Copy to Add and Lightroom will recognize the images and 'Add' them to the existing new pics folder on your (C): drive.


                                Lr is doing exactly what is supposed to do with the settings as shown.


                                Under File Handling (top right panel of import screen) please be sure to check this box: 'Do not import suspected duplicates'.


                                Let me know if this is helpful.

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                                  reindling Level 1

                                  Thx, i understand what you mean. I should have made clear this also occurs with files not on a local drive.

                                  Importing from SD the 'add'-function is not available > same problem.

                                  Also some strange counting occurs, see pics.






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                                    cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                                    Because the last screen shot shows some type of problem with this catalog can you try a brand new clean catalog?


                                    Run through a standard import from camera card to local drive using Copy to the New Pics folder. If it works fine you may want to try opening a backup of your current catalog as a follow up. If the backup catalog works you will be able to continue.

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                                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                                      With respect to all that has been posted, I still maintain that nothing will be fixed until the Duplicate Drive problem has been solved. It is a Lightroom bug, cause unknown, and changing import methods is not going to fix it IMO.


                                      And fixing the "Duplicate Drive" syndrome will only be achieved following the advice in the links I provided in my Post#6  above.

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                                        reindling Level 1

                                        Thx so much all for your suggestions, case solved ....but in a different way.


                                        • All instructions on the capitalisation bug i found address different letters in Usernames, Julie vs. julie.
                                          Thats not in my case. I tried anyway, didn't work for me. It turned out, its a matter of drive letter capitalisation.


                                        • Right clicking on the 'Pictures' folder in its correct structure, selecting 'properties' reveals a lower 'd:\' through the windows explorer. But LR shows  'data (D:)'  at the hard drive with the correct folder structure  AND  at the duplicated hard drive entry after import.


                                        • Following the capitalisation bug instructions, on 'updating folder location' back to the original, you can select the 'Pictures' folder from the windows kinda 'my files' shortcuts in the explorer window.
                                          But that leaves you with an 'd:\' in the path, and after updating, nothing has changed.


                                        • The crucial thing is: Selecting the drive first, then clicking through (in my case) user name to 'Pictures'. (or manually changing the d to a D)
                                          That gives you an upper 'D:\user\Pictures' in the dialogue for 'update folder location'.


                                        This is really mean!








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                                          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                                          Problem identified.

                                          Has the problem been solved in Lightroom for you?

                                          (not clear to me in your 'english' reply above)


                                          Personally, I have never used the Windows "Libraries" (Pictures, Music, etc). I do not 'trust' them with locating my photos when using Lightroom.

                                          When importing or choosing folder destinations I always expand the Drive and Folder fully  (eg.  C:\Users\wobertC\Documents\PHOTOS) in any Explorer dialog, and never the 'Libraries' (or Quick Access).

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                                            reindling Level 1

                                            Yes, its solved for now, until LR presents a new bug


                                            (sometimes LR presents to me the 'mousewheel of infinity'. Something gets messed up, changing the size of a tool a little bit ends up in maximizing/minimizing it)


                                            All tips i found for the capitalisation bug deal with some user name capitalisation. Didn't find a tip, addressing the drive letter, and i wouldn't have searched for it.

                                            'Jason' must not bei 'jason', but "d:' has always to be 'D:', Windows won't allow more than one for a reason. So LR behaves quite technically ignorant