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    Export>Select Folder window freezes LR CC (after mid-export PC crash)


      Hey all.

      I'm running LR CC on Win10, and I was exporting photos normally when my computer crashed from what I think was an overheat.

      I rebooted, deleted the photo files that had been made in the filesystem but not fully created (about 6 of 12), and then attempted to re-export. When I went to choose the specific folder (in Choose Later), the Choose Folder window appeared to be responsive for about half a second, then froze. In that state, I'm unable to press Cancel or select any folder at all, or close Lightroom short of force-closing it via the Task Manager.


      I've tried the following, and these didn't help:

      • Renaming the folder where the failed export occurred
      • Reinstalling Lightroom
      • Resetting all preferences
      • Exporting from the Library instead of the Develop module
      • Exporting one photo instead of multiple
      • Changing export preferences (resolution)
      • Exporting different files than the ones that failed initially to export
      • Choosing the folder with Specific Folder (instead of Choose Folder Later)


      However, any option that does not require me to open the Choose Folder window seems to work fine. So, for now I'm exporting to My Documents and moving them manually from there.