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    How do I enable Activity Map in Adobe Launch

    jorisdebeer Level 2



      How do turn on Activity Map in Adobe Launch, and more specifically, how do I set s.ActivityMap.regionIDAttribute variable?


      I see a checkbox for ClickMap, but it doesn't appear to be enabling Activity Map.


      I am using the Adobe Analytics Extension set to "Manage the library for me".



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          mshalabi Level 1

          Hi there

          Do you have Activity Map enabled in the reporting suite from Adobe Analytics?

          If yes, then it should be working already for you. Otherwise, you need to get it enabled. Make sure you read through prior enabling


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            stewarts16448458 Level 4

            Here's something to try.


            Create a rule that fires on Library Load (page top).

            In that rule, add an action (Set Variables) from the Adobe Analytics extension.

            At the bottom of the AA Set Variables configuration page, click the `</> Open Editor` button to add custom code.


            Here, you will have access to the "s" object. You can add your configuration setting in this window.

            s.ActivityMap.regionIDAttribute = ___your desired value____


            Then save this action, save this rule, add to the library, build for dev, and test it.

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