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    Every 3rd Page with a Different Master

    Andymc7 Level 1

      Hi all,


      So, without making my Discussion title much longer, here is the task I have at hand:


      1. As the title suggests, I need every 3rd page in my 3000 page document to have a different master as follows:

           Page 1 - Say "Invoice" with the current page number.

           Page 2 - Also say "Invoice" with that SAME page number

           Page 3 - Say "Packing Slip" also with the SAME page number


      So, the final document would flow like this:


           Invoice 200 (page 1 in doc)

           Invoice 200 (page 2 in doc)

           Packing Slip 200 (page 3 in doc)

           Invoice 201 (page 4 in doc)

           Invoice 201 (page 5 in doc)

           Packing Slip 201 (page 6 in doc)...


           and so on...


      If you could help me with a script for this I'd be very grateful.


      Thanks in advance,