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    Why is there no product or trouble shooting support directly from Adobe?


      I have a simple series of issues with my copy of Lightroom Classic CC 10.0.1- it asks to be updated but the 'updates' option is greyed out in the menu.  OK I'll ignore that since I'm busy working.  Now I can't preview .RAF files anymore so I am assuming that its probably an issue corrected in the latest release of LR. OK lets update the software...


      OK so I login using my Adobe ID  and search for support.  Then I get the support page - Great.  "How can we help you" Thanks, I select LR.  "What type of issue are you experiencing?" There are 6 options, selecting any one opens a search box for the communities with a number of common searches.  None cover my problem.  Skipping this section and moving onto the next section "Would you like to contact us" Yes, very much thanks.  Except I am prompted to "select a plan, product or issue above".  Err.  OK.  Except that takes me back to a search window.


      I have been around and around this loop numerous times.  Is it me?  My machine?  Is my account set up incorrectly?  How would I know?  From my account I can see that I have been paying monthly for my use of LR but clearly that doesn't include any support.  Maybe its time to look for an alternative to Adobe and its 'creative' cloud.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.