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    Most insidious bug still not defeated: Crashing upon dragging audio clips (CC 2018)

    devynb73008579 Level 1

      This is by far the worst bug in the latest release of Adobe Premiere Pro. It has occurred in all versions of CC 2018, on all computer configurations (Mac and PC), significantly impacting my profits on the video production work I do with already slim margins.


      Steps to reproduce the bug

      • Create a New Premiere Project
      • Edit real world footage and formats. Some AVCHD, MOVs, MP4s and/or MP3 and WAVs
      • Add default transitions, movie audio clips around in the timeline
      • Premiere will crash randomly when moving clips around, particularly after you've hit Play on the Program Monitor (if it is within a few seconds of the last clip edit) -- spinning wheel occurs and Premiere never starts responding
      • This causes the majority of crashes we experience. It is a pain to do any fine editing and costs us tonnes of money.


      Does Adobe even know about this issue? Yes -- I've probably sent in a dozen bug reports. Is it on the Forum? Yes -- there's at least a dozen forum posts I know of where users are talking about this issue. So what gives? How can we fix this? Why hasn't Adobe fixed it? And where do I get my money back?