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    Laggy playback only from source window - Intensity 4K

    Bill Engeler Level 3

      The Intensity 4K has always been a bit buggy with Premiere Pro, but here's a new problem:


      When playing any file in the source window, in the window itself, everything is fine in the Premiere interface. If I try to view on an external monitor using my Intensity Pro 4K, the playback is very choppy and lags a few seconds. Playback is better in the Program window from a timeline, but still has problems with UHD timelines. UHD footage on 1080p timeline plays no problem. Please note that I'm talking about the external monitor, as everything is fine in Premiere itself.


      The problem exists with both HD and UHD files. I tried Premiere Pro 2017, and it didn't have the same problem. I also tried the same files in Resolve 14, and playback was fine to the external monitor. It seems that Premiere Pro 2018 isn't getting along with the Intensity Pro, but only in the source monitor.


      Here is what I've tried so far:


      Reinstalled Intensity 4K's driver - no change.

      Changed scaling settings in Preferences - no change

      Tried PPro 2017 - some lag with UHD, but HD plays fine

      Tried various footage, GH5 8 bit UHD, 10 bit UHD, HD, Sony 8 Bit UHD. The exact same result with all footage


      Premiere Pro 12.1.1

      Windows 10 Home 1803

      Intensity Pro 4K with Desktop Video 10.10

      gtx 1070


      32 gb ram