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    Lightroom crashing when editing NEF Nikon D850 images


      I've recently started using the Nikon D750 and D850, I've been a Canon shooter for years, but a friend recently bought these cameras and I have been trying them out. Problem is, every time I use Lightroom Classic to edit the images from the D850 it crashes within a few minutes, not only that but also a lot of the time causes my entire computer to crash (iMac). I have also had a lot of trouble with importing images off the D850, each time it has taken me 3-4 attempts to import and also then loses the folder once they are imported. I have 1300 images from a wedding I am currently working on, once the photos finally imported, I edited 250 of them and then when I went back to them, the folder no longer existed, yet it wouldn't let me re-import (saying they were already there). Any suggestions? Lightroom is up-to-date.