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    Creting website intro


      I am relatively new to flash and i have almost finished creating an animation which i would like to use as a wensite intro.

      The animation is like a cartoon where i have an animated person sitting down. I have pretty much finished the animation and i am happy with it except for one thing. I cannot seem to fingure out how to align the person in each frame so that he looks as if he is sitting in a stationary position. Each frame he appears to move from side to side ever so slightly which is due to his misaligned position in each frame. My question is, what is the best way to ensure an object is in the exact position for each frame.

      Also in relation to this, It seems that when i add another object to a frame it affects the position of the person by moving it. So in short the person is being affected by other objects positions. Is there a way to stop this happening.

      Any help is much appreciated.