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    Assigning different colours in the timeline to each audio track

    salvuccios20349121 Level 1

      Hello: we are using Premiere Pro CC2017 latest Version on a Imac Retina 27 with max ram and Sierra

      In my film I have 4 different audio tracks and each has a purpose

      Audio 1 is the Voice over track

      Audio 2 is the Italian dialogue track

      Audio 3 is the French dialogue track

      Audio 4 is the Music Track


      Is there a way to label each of those tracks with different colours. We need this difference for a variety of reasons (subtitles and more)

      In the preferences and labels combo this seems impossible: if I change the audio every audio track changes to the same colour and is not useful to us.


      Googling didn't help as it refers to the preferences (as above) hence same colour for all Audio tracks.

      Any hints?