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    ProRes Export Freezes

    BlockOfJoy Level 1

      Almost every time I try to export using my NewBlue Filters 5 plugins Media Encoder freezes about halfway through and I have to Force Quit. Has anyone else run into this issue and what can I do to resolve or diagnose further? Just trying to render out ProRes with no effects applied seems to work so I suspect it has to do with heavy exports or the filters themselves.


      Working on Mac Pro early 2009

      El Capitan 10.11.6

      Premiere & Media Encoder all Updated to most recent version.

      Processor: 2x 3.32 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

      Memory: 64GB 1066 MHz DDR3 ECC

      Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4096 MB


      Have Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA) selected as renderer, which I suspect might be causing the issue.


      I have an even older Mac Pro (3,1) with an ATI card that can render the filters fine using the exact same version of OS and Premiere/ME. Granted it still freezes and gives me the beach ball of doom, but at least if I leave it the export will finish eventually. That's not the case with my early 2009 Mac Pro with CUDA enabled.


      Any thoughts?

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Block of Joy,

          Do these plug-ins render out in a previous version of Premiere Pro? If so, contact the plug-in manufacturer. They may need to update their plug-ins' compatibility with 12.1.1. It is a major new version of Premiere Pro.




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            BlockOfJoy Level 1

            I haven't tested it on an older version, but I know they work in the current version of Premiere on another computer.


            Some new developments though:

            1. When I export ProRes through Premiere (not using Media Encoder queue) it seems to export fine.

            2. When I export with .h264 through Media Encoder or Premiere it works fine.

            3. If I export ProRes using Media Encoder the program will freeze up half way, however if I leave it for the total amount of time needed to finish the export the export will actually finish (granted I still need to Force Quit Media Encoder). Unfortunately it's hard to know when it's done other than checking the file in Finder and crossing your fingers...


            I'm installing an older version of Premiere to see if that helps as well as running an export without CUDA enabled. Maybe can isolate the issue to one thing or the other, but it definitely seems to be an issue with Media Encoder specifically.

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Block of Joy,

              Please keep us in the loop around your findings on the previous version. You may have a bug on your hands. You can file it here: Premiere Pro: Hot (1295 ideas) – Adobe video & audio apps



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