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    Improved Testing for Targeting Multiple OSes

      I'm building an app that targets Macs and PCs. After testing my app on a Mac, I packaged it and put it online for my associates to try it. It did not work on PCs.

      I called Adobe's Tech Support, filed a case, and frankly, wasted their time. It turns out my problem was a runtime error: a bug in MY CODE that I simply couldn't detect on my dev machine. By configuring a PC to log trace calls to a file, I was able to corner the issue and deal with it. (Without the Flash authoring environment installed on the PC, I was forced to rely on trace calls to effectively debug my app. It was pretty unpleasant.)

      My point is, there was a platform-specific failure in my AIR app that I could not detect on my Mac, and was a pain to sift through on the PC without adl. It would be very cool if Adobe would have adl print runtime warnings on both platforms (not full-blown errors, that would be nasty) when a platform-specific system is run, so that these errors are easier to catch on the developer's machine. Because not all of us have Macs and PCs running Flash.

      What do you folks think?