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    LR Classic 1:1 Previews management


      Hello everybody from Italy, I am an old Lr user and I am trying to solve once for all one of my worst doubt, which is about 1:1 previews, since I could not be able to understand how their management works by myself.

      I have a huge catalogue with about 25k images. Now, till today in the "Catalogue Settings" I have always used the "Automatically discard 1:1 previews" on "never", but my question is: if I delete one or more images, will the 1:1 previews be deleted together with the original files or not?


      The second question is about the command "Discard 1:1 previews", because using it seems there is no space saving, even though I have selected all the images in the catalogue.


      Thank you for your answer in advance!