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    JSON-LD As a Data Layer in Launch

    christophers7554118 Level 1

      Has anyone thought about using JSON-LD for the data layer in Launch? We are thinking it would combine all our SEO and page information for subsequent analytics calls.

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          stewarts16448458 Level 4

          I thought about it for a day or two.  It seemed like a really good idea until I really started digging into it.


          I ran into a couple of issues.

          1) JSON-LD (using the Schema.org schemas) is a solution designed around SEO (and Google, for the most part).  The format of your JSON-LD snippets will always be chasing Google's preferred structure for communicating any given context.  This means that you are aiming at a moving target (slowly moving, but still...).  Also, when you try to layer the additional information required for analytics and other mar-tech onto the ordained schemas, you step into the unknown and are left wondering if the additional attributes you've added will help or hinder in your SEO placement.


          2) JSON-LD (using the Schema.org schemas) is a solution that has only been thought through for the non-transaction parts of websites.  Since it is built for SEO, things like carts, wishlists, user registrations, user interactions aren't really spelled out for you on Schema.org. Again, I quickly found myself in uncharted territory.  If I were defining a data layer for a fully authenticated experience (i.e. online banking), I think Schema.org JSON-LD would be a very odd fit.


          Depending on the site you have and your needs for analytics, you might find a better fit than I did.  I just wanted to share my experience, FWIW.



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