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    Latency problem which I can't seem to solve using the Profiler

      In short, I'm making a game using Flex, meaning that maintaining a workable FPS is central to everything. Things seem to be going well, but occasionally the game lags for a moment (mouse, player, etc. freeze in place). A moment later, they catch up and everything runs smoothly again. I really need to get rid of these spots of lag.

      I've tried using Flex Profiling and a number of other techniques to no avail. I can recreate the lag with some degree of accuracy, though not perfectly so. I've tried looking at performance profiles (no function seems to be taking too long to run, including EnterFrame listeners) and memory snapshots (though my app does use a lot of memory, there doesn't seem to be anything too unnecessary - though there are a lot (sometimes over 1000) of instances of "ChildConstraintInfo" which I'm slightly concerned about). At this point, I'm completely stumped.

      I would really appreciate any help.