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    Another unable to email PDF on Windows 10 with Outlook 2016


      Environment: Windows 10.1803 Build 17134.81 on Surface; Acrobat Pro 2018.011.20040; Outlook 2016 1805 9330.2087 Monthly Channel


      When clicking the envelope icon in Acrobat Pro opened to a PDF, this dialog box appears: "This email will be send using "Default email application (Microsoft Outlook)". Click on 'Change Preferences' to change your default account settings. [x] Do not show this message again [Change Preferences] [Continue] [Cancel]


      When I click [Continue] Acrobat closes.


      The posted solution is to kill all running Adobe processes; run repair on Office 365; run repair on Acrobat; reboot. After the reboot, I still got the dialog box, was able to send one email with an attached PDF, and after that Acrobat closes after the [Continue] button is clicked.


      Do we have another solution to try or word from Adobe on when the problem will be fixed?