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    Problem with DIV's. Not getting margins on my text block and it's bleeding off the right

    audio90 Level 1
      Hi, using Dreamweaver 8, in Windows XP. My level...ok with WYSIWYG and tables, but not much else.

      I downloaded this page as a free template, and the guy uses DIV's to make it, which I pretty much suck at. Yes, as I don't know what I'm doing with DIV, I seem to have trouble.

      In Firefox, the text is too close to the left and right. Where are the margins? It would be good to have at 5-10 px margin on both sides. And it bleeds off the right of the white box. Do you have any idea why this is? And what is the fix for that? Should I through a table in there?

      I tried putting padding and margins in the CSS file for the "wrappers" but seem to have no luck.