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    Any way to See What Sections of Source Clip I've Used?

    drnectarine Level 1



      For a project from work, I was required to make a sequence using some video. I sent that in, and now my boss wants me to also send in a breakdown of the total run time of the scene, as well as a clip by clip breakdown of how I structured the video, something like this:



      TRT:  1:37.23


      0:00.00 - 0:12.23 - Clip C004 Used, from 2:48.12 to 3:00.35


      I have the total run time and clip name used, as well as the frames in which they all start and end. The bolded part above is what I can't find. I can't figure out how to find exactly what section of the source clip I used. The markers are no longer there to indicate what part of the source clip I extracted. Using my video, I can make my best estimate as to where I cut from the source clip, but I would much prefer having the section on the dot so it can be completely duplicated. Is there any way that I can find the frames in which I started and stopped using a source clip?