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    Legacy .pdfs being corrupted by opening with current adobe


      I have a library of approximately 1,500 .pdfs that were created over the last several years.  Using the custom stamp feature through the years, each was given a custom stamp identifying a model number and tag ID number.  Other than this, it was a straight-forward process of generating a .pdf using adobe from an equipment website or importing their .pdf from their site into our current .pdf version at at that time and applying our stamp.  Presently, I have had an issue on several where clicking on the stored .pdf results in a message stating that the .pdf is corrupt.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a pattern relating to a particular vintage or type of information (multi-page, old .pdf, new .pdf - none of this seems to differentiate).  There are several instances where I was able to open a particular .pdf, attach it in an email and it was executable on the recipient's side.  That same file just a day or two later would then read as corrupt when trying to open and view or send that short time later.  Going back into the library does no good as once it is flagged with the corruption message, it is no longer valid or able to be opened. 

      This process has taken place about two dozen times in the last 4 months.  My concern is that I am going to slowly loose the entire library.  Is there something I can do with how I open or can I audit those in our current library to see what may or may not have corruption potential.


      Thanks for whatever you can offer.

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Is it possible that you are dealing with hard disk problems? That would explain why a file that was good one day, gets flagged as corrupt the next day - especially if this is not just an isolated problem, but happens to more than just a few files. Just opening a file in Acrobat does not corrupt it - especially if you are not saving it. I would do two things: Run an integrity check on your hard disk, and run a virus check. If this is, as I suspect, a hardware problem, you will have to go back to your disk backup and restore the corrupt files/disk in order to recover from this problem.

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