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    Drifting Limbs after recording

    joshua sigmundk12859814

      I recorded handle animation on my puppet - specifically his right arm (our left) pointing at his shirt. During playback, sometimes the arm stays up; sometimes it flops back to resting position. It's random. Not sure if I've done something wrong. I made a screen recording - not sure how to attach it. Thanks!

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          Is this during playback, or the encoded media?  If the ‘record’ on draggers is enabled (the red dot is lit up), it will not show the recorded value (it will show the default). If the record button is off for the puppet or dragger behavior, then you see the recorded value. This is during playback.


          The other problem people have had is the dragger recording was kept, but the arm flops in an unexpected way (like the elbow goes the wrong way).


          For screen recordings, you can upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube etc and share a link (the “play” triangle above the text edit region I think allows it to be embedded) but you can just include a link here as well. And yes, that makes it much easier to see.

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            joshua sigmundk12859814 Level 1

            It's regardless of if the dragger was triggered or not btw.

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              alank99101739 Level 4

              Yes, that is exactly the behavior you get when the dragger is still armed. In the timeline, click on the puppet and make sure the puppet properties panel is visible. You should see a list of behaviors with little red dots next to the active ones. If you record a new take, only the active ones will record new values. If the dragger is active, when you are not doing playback it shows the default value (which is confusing for draggers, but is the way CH works For all properties).


              If you want to see the old current frame while doing another drag over the top, the best idea put forward is to have two draggers, where you record one at a time. You do a base recording, then use the second dragger to do some minor adjustments. I have used this a few times to say drag the wrists in the first take, then do a second recording over the top to drag the elbows if the arms did not go as desired.


              There is also the hands in your video sometimes being twisted around funny directions at the start of a take - that is a problem the Adobe team have been trying to improve on. It does not always happen, but sometimes does.

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                alank99101739 Level 4

                I was looking at video again - no audio? if it is about elbows going the wrong direction at times, there is a challenge there. Playback is approximated for real time playback speed, so things can go funny. My backup plan as mentioned above is to add a second dragged behavior and put draggers  on the elbows as well. Then I can do a second take using a second dragged behavior I add myself for draggers on the elbows when needed to force elbows go the way I want. The second dragged allows me to see the first wrist dragger - makes it easier

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