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    book module design limitation?


      This is just a feedback but i think it could help you improve the book module.

      It should be easy to get a stroke  (plain colors or graduant colors) and a drop shadow around pictures that we want.

      i have to edit in photoshop but the cropping of the picture has to match the exact proportion of the cell, which is not easy AND it doesn't recognize shadows neither.

      PNG image should be another format that we could use to do collage or stickers for examples b ut lightroom doesnt handle transparency.

      i do a lot of books but i use complex design that require to spend a lot of time in photoshop instead of lightroom.
      i have to use the print module to create a layout of each page, jpg them open each page in photoshop, cut out the white background, use another background (i know it's possible in lightroom to use a background picture) then and only then i can do complex stroke on my image (multi colors and drop shadow).

      The book module as limitation and i hope it will get improved.

      also, we should be allowed to decide the size of our pages. not everybody use the same album maker. i know the template are now more flexible but it's not quite there yet.

      Any body has any thought of it?