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    Changing a Sound Clip

      Hi I hope someone here can help me. I'm designing a website for my church and I know very little about Flash so I used a template off the internet ( http://www.flashvillage.com/templates/Puzzle/index.html is the exact template I am using). The sound file that plays I want to replace with another sound file that I upload from my computer. How would I do this? The church board is starting to get impatient with me and won't appropriate funds for me to get training so please if someone could help me.

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          The easy cheat way would be to look in your library and find the sound that is there.
          Then rename your sound to the same name as the sound in the library.
          Then import to library the new sound with the same name and say yes to replace file.
          that should work but without seeing the file and code it is hard to be exactly sure.
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            Elimite Level 1
            doing what you said would that keep all the same attributes as the original sound file (when it plays and the button that stops it, etc)?
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              bill_mpls Level 1
              it should because the name of the file would be the same, so all actionscript references would be the same. and all frame reference would be the same as well.
              Try it and save the fla file with a different name so then you do not risk messing your original file up.
              If it works then there you go until you can learn more.