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    Zooming DataGrid with wordwrap results in text being clipped

      I have a TitleWindow containing a DataGrid, which is created after a user click. The entries for one of the columns may be be quite long so the DataGrid has variableRowHeight=true and the relevant DataGridColumn has wordWrap=true. So far so good. I applied a Zoom effect as the showEffect for the TitleWindow. Now, if the query for the grid data returns before the effect has fully played, the bottom of the text for each row is hidden. If the user resizes the column widths, the data is then rendered correctly.

      This problem only occurs if I have both word-wrapping and the Zoom effect. As a workaround, I can set the dataProvider for the DataGrid in the effectEnd handler for the Zoom effect, but this is not entirely satisfactory.

      Does anyone have any ideas? Am I misunderstanding something?