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    OSX 10.13.4 - Acrobat Pro NOT WORKING




      My Acrobat Pro won't start up on my MacBook Pro 13" 2017 USB-C model.

      I run OSX 10.13.4 and Version 18.011.20040 on my Acrobat Pro.


      Everytime i start the program up, then it minimize and won't respond at all.

      Under "Job list" it responds fine, and the icon is still at the bottom of the screen saying it's open and running.


      I've tried the following:


      Full reinstall of Acrobat Pro

      Deleted Containers

      Pram Reset (probably won't help )


      I'm running a normal Adobe Reader right now, so i have something to open my pdfs in, but without the pro settings



      Hope some of you can help me troubleshoot this problem.