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    Visio to PDF Conversion - Blurring Underneath Semi-Transparent Colored Rectangles Used on a Layer for Highlighting


      I'm using Acrobat Pro XI to convert a large Visio document into a PDF.  In the Visio document, I am using semi-transparent rectangle objects, which are all assigned to various layers, to create a switchable "highlighting" of signal flows. The highlighting layers each appear with a checkbox in the resulting PDF layer selector. When the PDF layers are switched off in the resulting PDF, everything looks great. When a highlighting layer is switched on in the PDF, the highlighting appears, but all the graphic objects, text and lines that are seen though it get blocky and blurry. It's kind of like an anti-alias gone very bad. The larger the Visio document is (in size) the worse the effect becomes. If I place the highlighting layer behind the all the other objects in the Visio drawing, then there is no bluing/blocking in the PDF, but that doesn't work for what I need to do. Any help is very much appreciated!  Everything looks perfect in Visio itself. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!