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    Video gallery - everything loads at once

      New to Flash so, please, condescend; You cannot talk on a low enough level for me.

      I have a video gallery of eight .swf video clips. AutoPlay is off on all of them (they're designed to play with a Play button). Trouble is, as soon as the page is opened, all eight of them begin downloading simultaneously, so when the user attempts to play a clip, it stutters endlessly because seven other clips are in the process of downloading at the same time. Is there anyway to keep the clips from downloading until the user clicks the play button?

      Also, I'd like to put a buffer delay of about 10 seconds after the play button is clicked. Everything I can find on a buffer in Flash says to change the BufferTimer in the components inspector. But I HAVE NO BUFFERTIMER IN THE COMPONENTS INSPECTOR!! I've got Align, AutoPlay, CuePoints, etc., but no BufferTimer! Do I have a faulty version of Flash CS3? ;-P Where can I find the BufferTimer, how do I install it, whatever I need to do.

      Thank you so much for your help. - Mark