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    Multiple Performance issues with premiere pro


      Hey guys, i'm pulling my hair out with premiere right now and am hoping i can find some help here!


      Premiere seems to be running extremely slow and constantly crashes or "does not respond". Sometimes its while running play back, sometimes on importing media etc..


      I shoot mainly 4k on the EVA-1


      My computer specs are as follows...


      Windows 10 Pro

      Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 v4 @ 2,10GHz (X2)
      RAM: 32GB
      GPU: NVIDIA Quadro M4000


      running premiere directly from a solid state drive which is about half full.
      My projects are kept on a 24TB G-RAID Studio XL which is in a raid configuration designed for performance. Connected via thunderbolt 2.0



      I do have my scratch disks set up to a separate internal drive also.


      latest version of premiere cc installed


      I feel like my computer is more than adequately speced to handle the footage im shooting but im constantly having to reboot.


      Any thoughts? :/