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    Syncing photo collections from LR CC back to collections in LR Classic - is it possible?


      I have recently had to restore my laptop from a slightly older backup and this involved reinstalling an older backup of LR. As such, all the sorting of photos into collections that I had done previously was all gone - I still have the photos, they're just not grouped in the smart collections I had them in any more. As these collections were all synced to LR CC/mobile, they are still in their collections there (CC).


      Is there a way to have the photos put back into their collections in LR Classic, considering they're still sorted in CC?


      Or is the only way to do it going to be slowly going through a few thousand photos and re-sorting manually again?


      Both LR's are up to date versions, and I'm using a MacBook Pro, if that's helpful.


      For any help, thank you!