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    Lightroom 6 (not cloud based). Transfer to a new computer


      Dear community,


      I already gave my request to the forum and received a first answer from

      John Rellis. Thanks for this. So following I have studied lots of

      information given by the LightroomQueen. But I am still unable to solve

      my problem.


      Down here I outline in detail what happens, and I hope anyone can help

      me. *I would appreciate a simply formulated instruction for doing step

      by step.*


      I worked some years with LR6 (from DVD) on my old PC (under WIN7). Now I

      changed over to a new machine (under WIN10), and I installed the same

      bare LR6 from the DVD by using the same key. The first surprise came up

      after registering at Adobe Creative Cloud: The presets became much more

      versatile, e. g. de-haze is included now... So far, so good. By the way,

      I want to stay out of the Cloud Version (CC?) - only on my own desktop PC.


      Using this new installed LR6 I have imported some RAW pictures (new ones

      from India) and started to edit/develop them. Even that worked fine. And

      I found the file(s) as given in this screenshot - all automatically created:


      So I will continue all the next time. There is no need for changes.


      But now I come to my problem:  On my old PC I have a huge amount of

      pictures edited/developed from RAW via DNG and than exported as JPG -

      the last ones into separate files on an external HDD. But on the PC

      itself the LR6 created (and filled in) the following structure which I

      stored on an USB stick (4,5 GB) for occasional use with the new PC:


      It is my wish to get the *opportunity *to access to those old pictures

      via LR6 if there would be a need for this any time. They should not be

      stored all the time on the new PC (and fill volumes). *How can I manage



      I already opened the import menu of LR6 and have chosen the USB source -

      but no picture was found:


      By the way, the trial to open the file Lightroom Catalogue directly from

      the USB finished with the following statement:


      In addition, a confusion came up because of the hint for catalogues

      named as Adobe Lightroom Classic CC (remember, I do not want CC):


      In case I have been on a totally wrong way with my new installation - I

      could install LR6 completely new...


      Now I hope for illuminative help - step-by-step instructions, please.


      Kindest regards, Klaus-Rainer Schulze



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          dj_paige Level 10

          No screen captures are shown.


          All of this is explained by Lightroom Queen's article, which apparently you have not followed properly. In there it tells you how to move the catalog file to the new computer and open it and reconnect the photos. It also warns you not to import the photos from the old computer. (I choose not to provide step-by-step instructions here as Lightroom Queen has already done that).