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    MS Office 365 New Dictate Feature

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      This came with an Office update today, and it is pretty cool.  I can finally type faster than my wife.   Except it is not so much typing as talking.

      I've only had a brief play with it, and it is doing a remarkable job of understanding my southern English accent.  It will obviously have no chance with Dave's Geordie accent, or Terri's Norfolk twang.  Ged's computer would catch fire trying to keep up him, so it would, and Jane's computer would fall asleep listening to her silky smooth Washington tones (if they even do Office for Macs).


      The text lags my spoken word to the extent that I have to stop and let it catch up, and you have to manually delete typos and try again.  It responds to Full Stop and Comma but I have not manage to make it respond to any other punctuation.  Hey, it does New Paragraph as well.  Actually it initially types it and then works it out and responds accordingly.


      Right, how long till Jive can do this? 


      BTW  This update is being put out over several days.  I had to sign up for the Office Insider program to get it today, so I'll now be plagued with incessant blooming emails.